Turf Design Finalized

January 3, 2020

In the Summer 2020, the Harrison Athletic Boosters and Maumee Bay Turf Center will start construction on a new Turf Nation Synthetic field at William Henry Harrison High School’s Wildcat Stadium in Harrison, Ohio.

Wildcat Stadium is home to the 98,000 square foot historic Bill Kuntz Field. The field will feature the Turf Nation TN-42-S Synthetic Turf System, which includes a two inch Slit Film Turf Fiber, Crumb Rubber and Sand Infill, designed to optimize performance and player safety. The field will also feature a Titanium Shield Backing System, and Premium Grade Urethane to ensure a superior tuft bind.

The stadium, which was built in 1958, has been an integral part of the Harrison Community; hosting both school and community events for more than 60 years. Bill Kuntz Field is the last high school field in the Southwest Ohio Conference to upgrade to synthetic field turf. The Harrison Athletic Boosters are installing two turf fields! The stadium field and an 80,000 square foot full size practice field that will be located behind the current visitor bleachers.

Bill Kuntz Field will stand out in the Cincinnati area, as well as the state, with a unique eight lane green track and gray field turf apron surrounding the Turf Nation Synthetic field with a one of a kind Kelly Green Harrison Wildcat logo. All of this will be completed without the use of any local tax dollar funding.

Aerial Rendering